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Our Innermost Thoughts is a small collection of five RPGs played mostly solitaire. They are experiences about how to find your passion and your voice despite the flaws you have, about how to reconcile the fact that humankind's reign on earth has brought destruction to nature, about how communicating with others who do not look or talk like you is difficult, about observing others intentionally can begin the process of self-reflecting on our means of wrongful judgments of others, and about the beauty of finding joy in the lives and stories of others. These experiences ask a lot of questions, forcing you to reflect on who you are, your background, your status, and possibly even some aspects that have been hidden up to now.

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CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorTravis D. Hill
GenreRole Playing
TagsSingleplayer, zine


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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While everything in here was a wonderful read, Letters from a Bookbinder was the one that caught my imagination enough to play. 

A truly satsifying hack of games like Village Witch, it had me inventing books that weren't just something that had absorbed my character, but something that I wanted read myself, even when they weren't a genre I'd normally read, because of course a book I invented in my head (with the aid of excellent prompts) was still going to contain the kernal of what would make them interesting to me. 

It made me appriciate how looking outside your comfort zone can sometimes lead to interesting discoveries about what it is that you actually love about things that have simply become your "done thing".

thanks so much! I absolutely loved making that small title!

I just bought the Solo but Not Alone bundle and this collection along with it, so I haven’t had the time to play any of these RPGs yet, but just from reading through the introductory descriptions of each game I’m enamored and suggest others buy this collection when they have the chance.

Lyric games or LARPS (or whatever you’d call these types of games that put you in a certain frame of mind without using intricate gameplay) don’t always resonate with me, but this collection seems really touching and powerful and exactly the kind of games I need right now; I can’t wait to try some of them out.


Thanks so much, Jon. I set out to do something different and intentional. Enjoy!

Received the KS link! Thanks!

Thanks for backing it!