Travis D. Hill

four friends make some rituals happen
a solo lyric game about escape
a solo RPG about f*cking sh*t up
A solo journaling RPG about digging through the miscellaneous stuff your loved ones have left behind
1-12 players form their own jazz band in the Big Era of Jazz
Role Playing
an interdimensional journaling game of cosmic horror for two
a solitaire experience about observations
Non-humans dressing up as humans to attend a human party
a 1-2 player RPG zine about generations, change, and what you leave behind
a four player RPG of collaborative adventure creation
a mostly-solo zine of small RPGs
a solitaire journaling game of existential dread
A Letter-Writing Game about Reconciliation
a solitaire LARP for the working-class witch or wizard

Supported by Travis D. Hill